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Ultra EPC - IEM/Headphone Upgrade Cable (4.5FT)

  • $17,300.00

Specs – 6N Powder Metallurgic Single Crystal Silver-gold alloy x 5N PCOCC x Nickel plated Single-strand Copper; 4.5FT

Description – Ultra is the ultimate upgrade cable for users that are seeking for a more natural, additive free musical experience. It reflects the true natures of the tracks you love with marvellous transparency, precision, ambience, and elegance.


*Test equipments: FiiO E18 Amp., AK 100 Mk II Player, AF1120 IEM
(controlled variables – player, amp, standard interconnect cable)
*Test tracks: 1812 Overture (Classic Compact Discs, 24k), A Singer Must Die (Famous Blue Raincoat, Classic Compact Discs, 24k), Mikuni Gensokyoku ((三國幻想曲) Ondekoza (鬼太鼓), Audiophile JVC High-lights), Moonlight on Spring River ((春江花月夜), Sound of China (聆聽中國), Modern Audio (Glass CD))

User review 1 (Test equipments: Cowon Plenue S, Campfire Andromeda)
(Translated) Suitable for different types of music.
It is relatively warm with good speed. Wide sound stage, with excellent detail, definition, and transparency. Harmony between the vocal and instruments. Quality from low to high is significantly better.
Tendon-like bass, excellent sound stage and vividness.
低頻富彈性 (GARNiDELiA - 極楽浄土)( 残酷な天使のテーゼ(Director's Edit. Version) - NEON GENESIS EVANGELION【2013 HR Remaster Ver.】/高橋洋子)。
現場演奏感十足 (環繞感)。顆粒感豐富,結像好 (One More Time , 月半 ,十六夜等弦樂器聲音表現非常出色)。

User review 2 (Test equipments: FiiO E18 Amp., AK 100 Mk II Player, AF1120 IEM):
Exquisite tonal balance and speed, very rich detail and ambience, with excellent definition. Excellent precision, focus, and layering. Instruments at the rare would not be displaced to the front while playing strong dynamic segments, texture also remain smooth and detailed.

全頻音色和連貫性出色,細節量非常豐富和龐大 (帶豐富的泛音)。高水平的樂器音準、結像和層次感,播放大動態樂段時後排樂器不會衝前走位,音質不會變粗。