" Noctua Audio Hi-Fi Cables

Noctua Audio Hi-Fi Cables

Apart from head-fi, Noctua Audio also have a set of high quality, high-tech handcraft hi-fi cables for you to enhance the quality of your system, suitable for both conventional and desktop hi-fi systems.

Noctua Audio hi-fi cables are entry level cables of Aurum Technologies.

Aurum Technologies (Au Tech) design and manufacture sophisticated handmade hi-tech hi-fi cables since 1989 (previously known as Magic Link), and provide expertise personal services in hi-fi/AV field.

There are series of products include various types of hi-fi cables, made only with the best quality materials, together with our exclusive technologies “Golden Coatings” and “Wisteria Trail (PFIWN - Passive Frequency Inductance Wiring Network)”.

Our cables remarkably improve audio and visual performance.

The innovations tangent away from the traditional approaches.  Due to the low characteristic impedance and superior engineering design is applied, when compared with other typical mass production audio cables in the market, our cables are technologically more advanced, provide better sound quality and more cost effective.

Noctua Audio and Au Tech products give you the following benefits:

  1. Significant ultra-high to ultra-low frequencies extension. Notably the elegant tone of high frequency.
  2. Extreme transparency, with great ambience; enormous 3D sound stage with outstanding details, precision and definition.
  3. Distortion is minimised significantly by eliminating EMI, provide extra safety to your hi-fi equipment during replay of music with wide dynamic range.
To prove RFI (Radio Frequency Interference 30-3GHz) causes IMD (intermodulation distortion), which affects the audio frequency range from 20-2kHz; also the shielding effectiveness and transmission stability of our cables that consist of Golden Coatings shielding technology and PFIWN (Passive Frequency Inductance Wiring Network), we have conducted numerous tests with different equipment.

Test results show that our cable with Aurum Foil shielding technology and PFIWN are highly effective against RFI and provide high stability at the same time.

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