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About Us

Cable crafting requires knowledge and wisdom. Originated in Hong Kong, with more than seven years of hi-fi cable crafting, designing experience, and innovative insights, we decided to introduce the state of the art hi-fi technologies into the portable hi-fi market, and provide the most sensational musical experience to every end user.

Noctua Audio’s IEM/headphone upgrade cables and portable amp interconnect cables give users unique auditory experience by providing a realistic sound stage, better tonal balance and performance, vividness, and musical dynamics.

Unique Technology & Crafting Method
These qualities cannot be fully achieved only by using high-end materials, but also applying their unique advanced technology, Modified Passive Frequency Inductance Wiring Network (Mod. PFIWN), to further minimize interferences, especially both Conducted EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and Radiated EMI.

Most of the IEM cables in the current market used the simplest twisted pair structure.  This structure can also reduce EMI, but the tightness of the twist also affects the interference reduction efficiency and the sound performance.  Furthermore, the wires with different diameters used and the overall combinations of both can also make an improvement.

Every Noctua Audio product design is carefully considered before being crafted as prototype. The above-mentioned knowledge is just a tip of the iceberg of the hi fi cable crafting art.

Experience and Persistence
Hi fi cable is a blend of technologies (mainly Telecommunication Engineering) and art, it requires well proved experience to design excellent audio cables with high value of cost effectiveness.  Most of the companies in this sector nowadays focused more on appearance and almost neglected the technologies and performance, but Noctua Audio believe that advanced technologies is the spirit of hi fi.  There are certain aspects that needed to give up in order to achieve that, but their products certainly can provide end users the best sound quality.