" FAQ – Noctua Audio


Q1: How are the cables made?
Noctua Audio cables are all handcrafted, there is a wide range of wires we are using to craft our cables, from 4N silver plated OFC to 6N silver-gold alloy. We will release more models in the future base on your feedback.

Q2: What technologies are applied on Noctua Audio's products?
All of our cables are applied with our unique technology, the mod. Passive Frequency Inductance Wiring Network. This unique technology significantly reduce the interference generated during transmission, enables Noctua Audio cables to be better in audio performance, in terms of details, definition, ambiance, musical dynamic, focusing, layering, also the extension of the low and high frequency.

Q3: Are you selling IEM, headphone or portable amp?
We are currently not selling either of those. But if you order any cable from us, we can help you sort out the equipment that best suits your requirements.

Q4: How to use my Noctua Audio portable amp interconnect cable properly?
The end that is marked with the red ring is the end to be plugged into the player, as illustrated in the picture below:

Q5: Is there any other plugs I can choose for my cable?
Definitely. You may choose the plugs you need for your portable hi fi system, simply let us know what plugs you need for each end of the cable and we will deal with the rest.

Q6: How long does it take for me to receive the cable that I ordered?
For local (Hong Kong) orders, it usually take 2-4 working days for you to receive your order. We will be taking care of the courier fees for orders that are over HKD 1,000.
For overseas order, it may take up to 30, please email us to discuss about the delivery arrangements in detail.

Q7: Do you accept custom made Noctua Audio cable?
Yes we do! Simply let us know how you would like to improve your system regarding audio performance, also the colour and lengths you require for your custom made Noctua Audio cables.

Q8: How much does it cost for a custom made order?
The costs of the custom made cables vary, depends on the materials and plugs you requested. Please email us at sales@nocaud.com for enquiry.

Q9: How long does it take if I do order a custom made cable?
Good things come to those who wait. It may take up to 14 working days for you to receive your custom made cable (depends on your delivery address). But you will understand why it worth the wait when you receive your very own cable!

Q10: Can I try the cables first before confirming my order?
Of course you can! We recommend our customers best to try out our cables first, before making a purchase, it could help you understand the nature of the cables and let us have a better understanding of your needs. Please let us know what kind of cables you are interested in, and schedule a demo session with us.

Q11: I found out that I actually do not really like the cable I have just bought from you, what can I do now?
We are confident about the quality of our cables. As mentioned above, we suggest you to schedule a demo session with us before making any purchases. But if you did not like what you bought from us, you could arrange a refund or exchange with us within seven days after receiving your order (delivery date based on the record of the assigned delivery agency), free Hong Kong postage! For details, please refer to our Return & Warranty Policy.