" Noctua Audio Hi-Fi Cables – Amphisbaena SCP Speaker Cables

Noctua Audio Hi-Fi Cables – Amphisbaena SCP Speaker Cables

  • $8,160.00

Specs – 6N PCOCC x 5N silver plated PCOCC x OFC; two layers of different Aurum Technologies “Golden Coatings” for transmission and shielding purposes.

Description – The Amphisbaena SCP speaker cables are designed for delivering high rigidity, high details, and fine definition. This pair also provide rich bass without sacrificing the quality of high frequencies.

About Noctua Audio Hi-Fi Cables

As an endorsed brand of Aurum Technologies, Noctua Audio’s cables also consist of the high-efficiency shielding technology – “Golden Coatings”, and the“Wisteria Trail (PFIWN: Passive Frequency Inductance Wiring Network)".

Compare to same level cables, apart from their own characteristics, all of the Noctua Audio and Aurum Technologies products also give you the following unique benefits:

  1. Frequency extension at both high and low ends. Improvement in ultra-high to ultra-low frequencies is significant. Particularly the elegant tone of high frequency.
  2. Very rich ambience, extremely transparent, magnified 3D sound stage with outstanding focus, accurate tonality, and transient definition.
  3. Extra safety to your hifi equipment during re-play of music with wide dynamic range. Minimum EMI and booming. Improved power handling capability and resonance.

1. Additional Au Tech Golden Shielding for plugs + CNY 100 per plug;
2. All plugs and lengths can be changed upon request. For initial burn-in service, kindly give us prior notice. Since Au Tech Golden Shielding contains special materials, the time requires for burn-in is thinner than ordinary cables. Cable will be approximately 70% burnt-in after 6 weeks;
3. Noctua Audio handcraft Hi Fi cables are complex in network, it takes relatively longer time to craft a single cable. Time requires for production varies, depends on the complexity of a certain model, it typically take 2-3 weeks to complete the entire production process Of a model;
4. Custom cable orders are welcome, please contact us for details.

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