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One-01 EPC - IEM/Headphone Upgrade Cable (4.5FT)

  • $4,900.00

Specs – 7N PCOCC x 5N PCOCC x Nickel plated Single-strand Copper x Nickel plated Single-strand Copper; 4.5FT

Description – The One-01 is designed to give you the best bass qualities: strong without booming, vivid yet warm. Its excellent bass does not diminish the quality of the high, so users still can enjoy a comprehensive musical experience.


*Test equipments: FiiO E18 Amp., AK 100 Mk II Player, AF1120 IEM
(controlled variables – player, amp, standard interconnect cable)
*Test tracks: 1812 Overture (Classic Compact Discs, 24k), A Singer Must Die (Famous Blue Raincoat, Classic Compact Discs, 24k), Mikuni Gensokyoku ((三國幻想曲) Ondekoza (鬼太鼓), Audiophile JVC High-lights), Moonlight on Spring River ((春江花月夜), Sound of China (聆聽中國), Modern Audio (Glass CD))

User Review 1 (Test equipments: Cowon Plenue S, Campfire Andromeda)
(Translated) Different effects with different types of music.
In comparison with the Valkyrie EPC, it is even warmer with better sound stage. It’s transparent with a strong tendon-like bass. It gives better detail, yet the high is a bit sharp. Only some of the instruments have higher definition, it seems to be only enhancing some of the frequencies. It suits certain types of music better.
整體來說,聲音中性偏暖 (相對Valkyrie EPC更暖),音場更深。高頻方面具一定穿透力,低頻相對有力度,更有彈性。有更高的解析力,部分高音過份突出。同時部分樂聲拉遠,感覺上只加強某些音頻表現。需配合音樂使用。

User Review 2 (Test equipments: FiiO E18 Amp., AK 100 Mk II Player, AF1120 IEM)
Good mid-high and bass, warm, although bass is relatively muddy. Good detail and ambiance.