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Ultra PINC - Portable Amp Interconnect Cable

  • $5,600.00

Specs – 6N Powder Metallurgic Single Crystal Silver-gold alloy x Nickel plated Multi-strand Copper x Nickel plated Single-strand Copper

Description – Just like the Ultra EPC, it is natural, elegant, and touching. It greatly improves the sound stage and musical dynamics, with excellent ambience, and revivifies the whole music performance through your portable Hi Fi system.

就如Ultra EPC一樣,它帶著一種自然,高貴和觸動人心的感覺。舞台感、音樂感、泛音亦得以有效改善,令整個音樂表演原原整整地由你的系統還原出來。

*Test equipments: FiiO E18 Amp., AK 100 Mk II Player, AF1120 IEM
(Controlled variables – player, amp, standard IEM cable)
*Test tracks: 1812 Overture (Classic Compact Discs, 24k), A Singer Must Die (Famous Blue Raincoat, Classic Compact Discs, 24k), Mikuni Gensokyoku ((三國幻想曲) Ondekoza (鬼太鼓), Audiophile JVC High-lights), Moonlight on Spring River ((春江花月夜), Sound of China (聆聽中國), Modern Audio (Glass CD))