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Valkyrie PINC - Portable Amp Interconnect Cable

  • $1,460.00

Specs – 4N OFC x Nickel plated Multi-strand Copper x Nickel plated Single-strand Copper

Description – The Valkyrie PINC improves the overall tonal balance of your system. It also effectively reduces booming and uncontrolled high pitched sounds. The imagery is also better with it, with a mythical sense.

Valkyrie PINC對您系統的音調平衡度有著全面的改善。它亦能有效地減低轟鳴及刺耳的高音對您所帶來的不適。它於改善結像清晰度的同時亦帶給你虛幻般的聽感。

*Test equipments: FiiO E18 Amp., AK 100 Mk II Player, AF1120 IEM
(Controlled variables – player, amp, standard IEM cable)
*Test tracks: 1812 Overture (Classic Compact Discs, 24k), A Singer Must Die (Famous Blue Raincoat, Classic Compact Discs, 24k), Mikuni Gensokyoku ((三國幻想曲) Ondekoza (鬼太鼓), Audiophile JVC High-lights), Moonlight on Spring River ((春江花月夜), Sound of China (聆聽中國), Modern Audio (Glass CD))